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Youth Leader Masterclass

Are you active in a Ukrainian youth organisation? Do you want to train your leadership skills? Apply for our Masterclass program today!

It doesn't matter whether you work in a local youth center, a grassroots art project or a leader of a political youth party - leadership and organisational skills are necessary in any civil society initiative. We have developed a mini masterclass where you can get the necessary experience to make your organisation stronger - and your own competences and knowledge sharper.

We have developed a program in three parts, focusing on these three core organisational fields:

  • Dialogue and conflict resolution
  • Communication
  • Monitoring and evaluation

Our Masterclass program gives an all-around experience of organizing youth, building on The Danish Youth Council's more than 80 years of supporting active youth.

The Masterclasses will take place as physical workshops in Kyiv* during the autumn and winter of 2021/22. Alongside a range of skilled people, you will dive deep into these topics, train your skills and exchange knowledge with peers from other organizations.

The first Masterclass about conflict resolution and maintaining a healthy dialogue in the organization. What to do when people disagree on how to do things? And how can you deal with conflicts and disagreements when you are all volunteers and are there because you care about the project? Dialogue experts from the Ambassadors for Dialogue will come to Kyiv to guide you through this.

After completing all three Masterclasses, you will receive a diploma.

Practical information

  • Apply through this form to be considered for the program.
  • Deadline for applications is September 12th.
  • The first Masterclass on Dialogue and conflict management is on September 25th.
  • The second Masterclass on Communication is on January 29th.
  • The third Masteraclass on Monitoring and Evaluation is on February 26th.
  • The Masterclasses take place physically in Kyiv
  • Your travel costs will be reimbursed.
  • The Masterclasses will be in English


  • Be between 16 and 35 years old
  • Be member of a Ukrainian youth organisation
  • Have a level of English B1 or higher
  • If you are under 18 and live outside Kyiv, you must get a written consent by your parent(s)/guardian that you are allowed to travel.

Youth Leader Masterclass is created together with our collegues from the Danish Youth Council.

More information will come soon!

*If the covid-19 situation changes, we might reschedule or change to an online format.