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Matilde Kimer: We have much to learn from each other


Danish journalist Matilde Kimer told about her experiences with the Ukrainian fight for democracy.

How is everyday life for the young people participating in the Euromaidan revolution in 2014? How does civil society work in Ukraine? And what about the conflict in Eastern Ukraine?

About 100 online participants got answers to these and many other questions, when the Youth House had invited Danish Journalist Matilde Kimer to give her understanding of the Ukrainian Youth, the current situation in the country and the Euromaidan revolution.

The event was a warm-up for a Youth Leader Exchange Program running as part of the Youth House in 2021. The program will give young Danes and young Ukrainians insight to both the Danish and the Ukrainian Democracy and tools to act on challenges in both societies.

If you are interested in hearing Matilde Kimer giving her view Ukraine, feel free to watch the video above.