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Ukrainian сities of the future / Part 1

Ukrainian сities of the future / Part 1

Join us for a discussion of innovation and urban planning!


11-05-2022 - 19:00

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The "Ukrainian сities of the future" is a series of lectures/discussions with urban development experts, innovators, and philosophers about the future of Ukraine's urban development. We will be rebuilding not only the urban and public spaces but also the society. The project is organized in collaboration with Pixlab.

We invite you to join the first lecture by Søren Lethin - Innovation Catalyst at LEGO. Has been working with LEGO for 30 years. Currently he advises innovation and design teams in the company on their strategic projects. One of the LEGO approaches is users first which allows to create the most human-oriented projects.

Together with Søren we will be discussing:

  • what innovations are, why are they important for LEGO and how we can create them for Ukraine?
  • why does effective design have to meet people’s needs?
  • what is users first approach?
  • how users first can be incorporated in building more user driven and playful places for children?

When: 11 May, 19:00 - 20:00 (Ukrainian time)

Where: online via Zoom + Facebook stream

All participants will receive a link to the meeting on the day of the event.

The discussion will be held in English with the simultaneous translation into Ukrainian.

Please register here for the event.