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Grants: Q&A


Do you have some questions regarding the Grant Program? Check this Q&A out!

1. Where and how do I apply for the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House Grant Program?

The application must be submitted through the Application Portal of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House https://udyh.grant.nu/profile/#/signup.

2. When is the deadline for submitting projects?

The deadline for applications is July 3, 2024, 23:59 UA time. Applications submitted after July 3 will not be considered.

3.When can I expect a reply on my grant application?

All applicants will receive a response between August 26 and September 10, 2024. Please be patient 😊 In case your application does not pass the eligibility and formal requirement screening (for details please check our guidelines), you will be notified before August 26.

4. When will we receive the funding?

Selected applicants will receive funds for their projects no earlier than late August/early September 2024. However, you can start implementing your project from August 1st. In case of successful selection, we will reimburse money spent on the project in August, but ONLY if you can provide documentation for expenses relevant to the project. Expenses may not be before the 1st of August and will not be covered by a grant.

Please note that if your application is rejected at any stage, UDYH is not obliged to reimburse money spent on the project.

5.When should the activities be implemented?

Period for implementation of all project activities: August 1 - December 31, 2024.

6. Can we apply if we don't have Danish partners?

Yes, you can apply and implement the project independently. However, those projects that have a partnership component with a Danish initiative will be given priority when deciding on support.

7. In what currency should the project budget be calculated?

Project budgets are accepted ONLY in EUR. The grant will be provided in EUR to the organisation's official EUR account.

8.At what exchange rate should we calculate the project budget? At what EUR exchange rate will the grant be credited at the time of receipt?

You can use the currency rate of the National Bank of Ukraine to check the current exchange rate. Please note that you will receive funding in EUR so you will need to exchange the grant to UAH according to the rate of your bank on the date of exchange.

9.Can we include staff salaries and expert fees?

Yes, you can budget staff salaries and expert fees. But ONLY for the Strategic youth project grants, tracks 1-4 (except for the type of projects Volunteer youth project).

Types of salaries:

- Project management salaries:

- Activity-related salaries

- Salaries covered by Administration fee (15% of the project budget)

For details about possible budgeted expenses please read the full guideline.

10. I do not understand the difference between the six grant tracks.

Please carefully read the track description in your profile. For details about grant track specifics, please read the full guidelines, on page 3.

11. Can I submit more than one application?

Yes, you can submit a maximum of three applications from one applicant organization within one year. Each application must be submitted for a separate activity.

12. If I represent an organisation from Mykolaiv or Mykolaiv region, can I apply on tracks 1-4?

Organisations from Mykolaiv and Mykolaiv region are eligible to apply on tracks 1-4 for a type of Strategic youth grant (max. EUR 20.000). Please, be aware that requirements for this track and grant type are different than for a type of Volunteer youth project (max. EUR 5.000).

13. When and how do I have to report?

You will have two tranches of funds within the grant (80% and 20% of the grant), so you will need to submit an interim report and a final program and narrative report. All reports are submitted in your grant profile and will be created once you apply for the grant. By using the dialogue and message tool in your application overview on your grant profile, you may see messages from the Grant Coordinator and the status of your reporting. We will tell you more in detail in a webinar in September for those who will receive grant support.

14. Will each grantee be audited after the project is completed and reports are submitted?

Yes. After the project is finalized and you submit the reporting documentation, we archive and transfer all information and documentation to the auditors. The project is audited at the expense of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House. The auditors may contact you and request additional information and documentation about the project.

15.Where can I read more about the grant tracks and framework?

You can find details about the current grant program in our guidelines:Ukrainian version / English version.