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Law Shifters in Ukraine: how was it?

Law Shifters in Ukraine: how was it?


The Law Shifters workshop came to Ukraine. The participants loved it!

On May 19 and 20, the Youth House organized Law Shifters – a project of Danish artist Stine Marie Jacobsen aimed at training argumentation, active listening, and bringing forward emotions as an important part of politics. After successful events in Denmark, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Norway, Greenland, Sweden, Finland, and Lebanon, the Law Shifters workshop finally came to Ukraine and was piloted online.

The Ukrainian court system has been a burning theme for the society for a long time. Thus, we wanted to let the participants try the system “inside out” and do the justice themselves. It is important to remember that in many situations, the court decision is a matter of argumentation and preparedness of the prosecutors and defenders, and the decisions for similar cases can be totally different when you look at it through the prism of time.

We worked with two awesome groups of young people – students of the Trudolyub Gymnasium in Poltava region and members of the Poltava Oblast Youth Center. The court case we selected for them was related to discrimination in advertising, an issue that is very common in Ukraine and, unfortunately, very often perceived as a norm. During each day, youth had a chance to play the roles of judges, defenders, prosecutors, and jury members to analyze a particular case and decide if the ad contained discrimination against women.