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Photo Lab of Important Stories

Photo Lab of Important Stories


Photography is not just about pictures. It's an opportunity to tell the story. Join our intensive workshop!

<<This workshop is for Ukrainian participants only and will be held in Ukrainian>>

We all have associations with Ukraine, democracy, and activism. Also people around the world have them: Ukrainian food and its borshch, magical performances of Ukraine at Eurovision, and one of the world's most beautiful languages. There's also war, Chornobyl, and corruption. But Ukraine is also about much more! We are sure that your family or community, village or town, school or university have stories worth sharing with the world. And we'll help you find and tell them.

Pictures and stories are powerful instruments, and using them wisely you can impact and strengthen significant social movements. The Photo Lab of Important Stories is an intensive online workshop where you will learn to take thoughtful pictures on your phone or camera and unite them into stories that will stay in memory for a long time. We'll talk about everything: from choosing the right lighting to communicating the vibe of the story. You will get the basic understanding of what visual storytelling, photography, and public communications are. Besides that you will learn about the role of photography in activism, civil society, and community building. During eight days of the workshop, you will work with Serhii Korovainyi, expirienced Ukrainian photojournalist, and create your own photostory highlighting your community.

We will select 15 participants and together with them go through the whole process from a photo phoject idea to its implementation and presentation. By joining the program, participants will:

  • get particular skills of photography and visual storytelling under the mentorship of Serhii Korovayny;
  • create and present their own photo story that will become part of the exhibit program of the Youth House (with participants' credits);
  • learn about the life and work of Nikolai Linares, Danish award-winning photographer, and his recent photo from the "Black Lives Matter" demonstration;
  • have a chance to tell and show the world about Ukraine as it is;
  • get some other surprises that we'll announce later :)

The workshop will be conducted online for 8 days from July 5 to 12.

Serhii Korovainyi is a Ukrainian photographer and educator. Fulbright Scholar. MA in Visual Communications in the Newhouse School at Syracuse University, NY, USA. Worked with Financial times, UN, OSCE, GIZ, Radio Free Europe, Premiere Urgence, Danish Refugee Council / Danish Demining Group. Fresh Eyes 2020 by GUP Magazine. Expertise in documentary photography, lighting, video, and virtual reality.

Nikolai Linares is a Danish photojournalist living and working in Copenhagen. He studied at the Danish School of Journalism, and then worked for different national and international newspapers and magazines. Nikolai Linares has won several awards for the best photos, including News Photo Of The Year from the Black Lives Matter demonstration.