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NGO "JCI Youth" organizes national and international projects on topics of social entrepreneurship, active citizenship, human rights protection (acting against discrimination of minorities, and refugees), environmental protection and sustainable development strategy, etc.

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Rostyslav Semka



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JCI Youth's main aims are the promotion of youth participation, active civic position, and ideas of democracy among young Ukrainians, spreading awareness of mobility opportunities, and building up an active civic society via non-formal education projects.

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Location: Kyiv, working all around Ukraine

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NGO "JCI Youth" organizes national and international projects on topics:

  • social entrepreneurship
  • active citizenship
  • human rights protection (acting against discrimination of minorities, refugees)
  • environmental protection and sustainable development strategy
  • smart city strategy, communications technology systems, and media tools
  • youth employment
  • intercultural dialog and peace management
  • healthy lifestyle and sport activities.

Democracy/Active citizenship
NGO "JCI Youth” uses innovative methods to interact and communicate with the local and international community.

Together with the National Youth Council of Ukraine - NYCUkraine within the framework of the project "Strengthening a young civil society and culture of memory" in cooperation with DBJR, BDKJ, Tusk "Obnova" and with the financial support of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Germany in 2020, NGO "JCI Youth" was able to publish the youth game "Youth trajectory".

The board game is aimed at developing the skills of interaction with the authorities and mastering the tools of influencing youth policy, as well as developing the skills of verbal and non-verbal business communication skills among its participants. Using this game methodology, the organization conducts training among territorial communities throughout Ukraine.

Ecology and environment
NGO "JCI Youth" is involved in a great number of environmental activities both on the local and international levels. Organization collecting caps from plastic bottles to give them for constructing new things. Every year the organization`s team takes part in the ecological initiative “Let’s do it” and involves the local community in the cleaning of the defined territories. Another traditional event —
planting a tree on Earth day.

Since 2020, the JCI Youth team has been implementing the format of creative evenings - “Quarantine ART”. Event motto: Creativity can not be quarantined. The main idea of this project is that even forced restrictions and a ban on holding events is not an obstacle for art. During this event, NGO "JCI Youth" organized an online broadcast where young artists performed so that even while staying at home, each viewer could touch the art! “Quarantine ART” participants were able to listen to and see young talents live, and young artists
presented their incredible poems and magic songs.

NGO JCI Youth is struggling to involve young people to be socially active. The organization sends them to various educational institutions in Ukraine and internationally in order to be aware of all the modern tools and methods of non-formal education. JCI Youth organized various trainings on project writing, team building, and conflict resolution.

One of the NGO members, working on the topic of psychological training for schoolchildren 15-17 years old, aimed at improving the memorization of information and increasing productivity. Among the members of the organization there is a lecturer who speaks at all-Ukrainian conferences in the direction of higher education and admission to higher educational institutions.

Self-development/life learning
JCI Youth organization is running and taking part in a lot of projects about self-development and the life learning process. As they believe that their youth is the future they are trying to give them tools that can help them to equip their lives with tools and approaches to increase their wellbeing, self-reflection, and self-authorship. They organize a lot of educational meetings for Youth about project writing, peacebuilding, and media literacy. Positive attitude and “aim focus” training and project.

Hate speech. Human rights/ Peacebuilding
The organisation works to develop methods of youth work that can contribute to solving the problem of hate speech, young migrants, issues of radicalization, minorities of regions, and political societies. JCI Youth is promoting European values among young people, such as democracy, social values, and cultural diversity. Increasing awareness of European people in the sphere of including the minorities and people who are suffering from hate speech and to motivate them to create their own social projects.


JCI Youth mission is to provide opportunities that enable young people to make positive changes.

JCI Youth values: courage; openness and transparency; we believe in people achieving their goals; we maintain and encourage an entrepreneurial spirit; following the rule of information spreading and exchange openly, widely, and consciously.