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Julie will be leading the Youth House

Julie will be leading the Youth House


The director of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House in Kyiv is found.

The Danish Cultural Institute and The Danish Youth Council have joined to create a new Ukrainian Danish Youth House in Kyiv, which will strengthen democractic participation among young Ukrainians and create partnerships with young Danes. Julie Arnfred Bojesen has been hired to lead the project.

Julie Arnfred Bojesen has a bachelor in political science from Aarhus University and a MA in Communication for Development from Malmö Univeristy and has lastely been Head of Secretary at The Danish Foreign Policy Society. At the Policy Society she was responsible for administration and communication and has been one of the driving forces behind creating activities on Danish foreign policy and international relations.

Julie Arnfred Bojesen has different experiences within communication, project management, volunteering and working for and with young people. Besides her position at The Danish Foreign Policy Society Julie has gained experiences from her work as editor on the online magazine rØST, which reports on Central- and Eastern Europe. Also, Julie has been chairperson for the youth organization SILBA. Since her studies Julie Arnfred Bojesen has been engaged in Eastern Europe, among other countries Ukraine, where she was the politicial intern at the Danish Embassy in Ukraine.

It is thus with a strong background from both personal and professional experiences with Ukraine and working with young people, that Julie Arnfred Bojesen is moving to Kyiv to create a lively and engaging Youth House.

Julie Arnfred Bojesen, new director of the Ukrainian Danish Youth House:

"The Youth House is a project with an enormouse potential to strengthen dialogue and mutual understanding - both internally in a country where the youth is eager to be part of the political proces and across borders. Some of the challenges I see are the fight against prejudices and the lack of nuances. I'm looking forward to start working on these challenges and I'm very honored to be part of creating a stronger democracy in times characterized by division and democratic decline."

Much at stake
There is much at stake in Ukraine. Besides being in armed conflict, the country is undergoing massive reforms, which aim to strengthen democracy and human rights and create sustainable growth. And here the youth is essential. There are lot of important tasks waiting for Julie Arnfred Bojesen.

Camilla Mordhorst, Chief Executive Officer at the Danish Cultural Institute, about the employment of Julie Arnfred Bojesen:
"A brand new Youth House in Ukraine is a big task. It requires lots of innovative, diplomatic and leading abilities. Therefor we are very happy that Julie Arnfred Bojesen is joining the project. Julie has a strong proffessional background. She knows Ukrain both from a personal and proffessional viewpoint and knows how to create networks among young people. She is the right person to be heading our Youth House"

Platform for exchange and cultural cooperation
The Youth House is expected to open its doors in the summer of 2021, but the project is already running at a high pace. Julie Arnfred Bojesen will thus be leading the proces of creating an open and inclusive Youth House, which will be used by a diverse groupe of young people from Denmark and Ukraine. The Youth House will be providing a broad range of activities, among others youth festivals, a Youth Leader Exchange Program, workshops, debates and different cultural events. The ambition is to create a strong platform for youth exchange and new forms of cooperation between the two countries.

Chris Preuss, chairman of The Danish Youth Council, about the employment of Julie Arnfred Bojesen:
"At the Danish Youth Council we are very much looking forward to cooperate with Julie Arnfred Bojesen on creating a house which will foster parterships on democratic participation, engagement and activism in the coming years. We know Julie very well from her time in SILBA and we therefor know that she wil bring creative and constructive ideas to the table. These ideas will be needed to create a diverse and lively Youth House in Kyiv".