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What is where

The Youth House is a four-story building located in Kyiv on St. Volodymyrska, 5B. Each of the floors is special and has its own purposes and possibilities, so take this into account when choosing a room or hall 🏠

Also, note that you can use the spaces of 0-2 floors. Only the Youth House team has access to the last one, the office.

0 floor

Pay attention to the peculiarity: there is a retractable partition on the floor, so the kitchen and the small hall can be both separated and combined.

1. Small event hall

Limit: up to 20 people

Features: projector, connection to sockets, space for tables and chairs

Perfect for:

  • meetings with the team
  • presentations
  • movie screenings
  • interactive sessions
  • small-scale meetings (for example, with volunteers of an upcoming event, etc.)

2. Art labs (two)

Limit: up to 10 people

Features: space for a table and chairs, connection to sockets

Important: there are no windows in art labs!

Perfect for:

  • meetings with the team
  • discussions
  • presentations (without the screen)
  • art!

3. Community kitchen

In the process of testing 🍲

Limit: up to 15 people

Features: table and chairs, microwave, sink, stove, refrigerator, coffee machine, dishwasher

Perfect for:

  • meetings with the team
  • meetings with the project participants
  • informal (and formal ;) conversations
  • creation of the community with food and tea

4. Audio studio

In process! So wait for the announcements. Spoiler alert: of course, you'll be able to record your own podcasts here!

    * WC

    1st floor

    1. Main event hall

    Limit: up to 60 people

    Features: projection on a large screen, connection to sockets, microphones, chairs, reception desk, wardrobes for outerwear, audio system

    Perfect for:

    • big events
    • movie screenings
    • conducting offline projects (even combined with online participants!)
    • presentation of the organization / project / questionnaire, etc

    2. Library

    Limit: up to 10 people

    Features: books, merch from youth organizations, board games — all this can be used within the House

    Perfect for:

    • informal meeting with the team, with the volunteer community or with the project community
    • searching for useful knowledge about activism, culture, history

    3. WC

    2nd floor

    Pay attention to the peculiarity: this is a multifunctional space that easily changes its appearance thanks to a movable wall. At the same time, training, exhibition, and meetings can take place here.

    Total area for use: близько 100 м²

    1. Coworking

    Limit: up to 25 people

    Features: interactive mobile whiteboard, socket connection, tables, chairs, poster space, etc., movable wall

    Perfect for:

    • work with the team
    • practical training, workshops
    • conducting offline projects
    • discussions
    • presentations of the organization / project / survey, etc.

    2. Art Space

    Limit: up to 20 people

    Features: a movable wall, tables, chairs

    Perfect for:

    • exhibitions
    • art training

    3. Glass meeting rooms (two)

    Limit: up to 8 people/room

    Features: soundproofing, connection to sockets, tables, chairs

    Perfect for:

    • meeting with the team
    • brainstorming
    • official meeting
    • educational session

    4. WC

    Application form for events and workplace