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Rules of the Youth House

Are you using the space? Learn about mandatory rules:

1. Respecting the values of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House

They are right here, by the way: link 🌱

2. Respecting the common space and keeping it clean

We take care of the House and our comfort with simple actions. When you are in the House, you agree to maintain cleanliness and order (yes-yes, including washing your pot, putting the book back on the shelf, removing your garbage). If you are at the House to hold an event, remember that you are responsible for preparing the space for the event yourself, maintaining it in good condition, and returning all belongings and equipment to their places after the event.

3. Following security rules

During an air raid, all the participants and guests must go to the shelter. The nearest shelter is at Maidan Nezalezhnosti metro station. If there are fewer than 25 people in the House, people may go to the podcast and creative rooms on the 0 floor (if people feel safe there, so you need always ask in advance).

Currently, all the events in the House are held with the registration of the participants.

Aggressive and inadequate behavior should not be tolerated and such a person should be asked to leave the House.

Responsibility for security is the one in charge of the activity.

4. Reporting and cooperation

All the guests and participants of the House need to be registered (name, phone, and email) in a web form in advance or upon arrival. Upon request, users provide additional information for the report after a certain period after the events / House use (3 months, 6 months, year).

5. Following communications rules

If you use the House to hold any events, read the mandatory communication rules via the link.

6. No smoking in the House

If you need, use the specially designated places near the House.

7. In the House and near the House — alcohol-free та drugs-free space

8. Main rule: an atmosphere of support and mutual respect reigns in the House 💚

Apply to conduct events, have a workplace and record podcasts

Let us know about your idea at hello@theyouthhouse.org or click to fill in the form (in Ukrainian).