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Values of the Youth House

1. Openness and inclusion
We are welcoming space to anyone who visits us in person or virtually and who respects other visitors and members. We encourage diversity in personalities, views, and abilities, and want an environment where everybody feels comfortable physically and mentally. No discrimination or harassment of any kind will be tolerated.

2. Dialogue and curiosity
We facilitate and support dialogue to achieve mutual understanding. We encourage polite and respectful curiosity towards views and positions different from our own, and where all arguments are presented and listened to with respect.

3. Cooperation and community
We are here to get engaged and make a change for others. In the Youth House, we strive to spend time meaningfully and pursue a higher purpose through partnerships rather than work on individual matters. All cooperations are based on equal engagement, mutual respect, and a transparent, trusting process.

4. Creativity, innovation, and courage
We will boost curiosity and encourage everyone to think outside the box. Our common Youth House is a spsce for inspiration and creative expression, where everyone dares to try something new, make mistakes, learn, and create innovative initiatives.

5. Mentorship and support
House is a platform where everyone can rely on mutual support and help, from peer-to-peer to professional mentorship. We support each other and make sure that feedback, comments, and the general tone is respectful, and tactful and contains no expressions of hate, discrimination, or conflict.

Apply to conduct events, have a workplace and record podcasts

Let us know about your idea at hello@theyouthhouse.org or click to fill in the form (in Ukrainian).