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Audio studio: features and rules

If you're here, it means that you've already managed to familiarize yourself with the values, rules, and structure of the Youth House. Now it's time to find out what the possibilities and rules of using the audio studio are.

Apply if

You are planning to record a podcast related to the following topics:

  • strengthening and developing the skills of young people
  • development and strengthening of youth organizations and institutions
  • civic Education and youth activism
  • interaction between Ukrainian and Danish youth, with youth from other European countries
  • art as a tool for democracy and self-expression
  • development of youth institutions (councils, centers) and youth communities
  • promoting dialogue between young people and the government, businesses and other organizations

Or your own topic! Suggest it in the application (it's in Ukrainian) or drop us your request at hello@theyouthhouse.org. Just remember:

  1. Youth orientation is crucial, which means that the work should be carried out by young people and/or aimed at young people (age group 14-35)
  2. The recording does not have a commercial component, i.e. it will be free for the listeners — it will be distributed freely without charge. These are the episodes recorded within the House.

Technical equipment of the studio

  • 2 RØDE Procaster microphones with RØDE PSA-1 holders

  • 1 RØDE Caster Pro 2 control panel

  • 1 Laptop with Reaper podcast recording software installed and a quick start guide

Reaper software

To make your experience in the studio comfortable, you should have basic skills in working with recording equipment and Reaper software.

Before you start working in the audio studio:

Step 1. Download the program

Reaper is freely available and has a free 60-day trial period. You can download it at www.reaper.fm.

Step 2. Familiarize yourself with the program

Find the functionality and rules of use here: www.youtube.com/watch (in English)




You can book a studio

  • for Monday and Tuesday
  • between 11:00 and 17:30
  • by following the link: bit.ly/HouseApply

The schedule is subject to change, so keep an eye out for announcements on the House's platforms.

Please note that

  • the maximum session time is 4 hours
  • you cannot book back-to-back sessions
  • scheduled studio time includes setup and cleanup, so always plan accordingly

In the studio

After you receive confirmation, we will be waiting for you at the House! We will provide access to the studio after signing the form on receiving equipment for use.

Please note:

  • no food or drinks are allowed in the studio. Water CAN be consumed indoors if it is in a sealed container
  • equipment must be used in a way that does not impair its normal functioning
  • everyone participating in the session is financially responsible for any intentional damage to any studio equipment during their booked studio time
  • make sure you and everyone involved in the session understand these rules
  • if the room feels stuffy, there is an option to turn on the ventilation

Do not:

  • change any cables or connections to equipment in the room
  • disconnect microphones or other equipment
  • give access to the studio to unauthorized people

If you have needs for which the equipment available in the room is not suitable, please make an appointment with a Youth Home staff member in advance.

After working in the studio

Return all items to the designated locations and turn off the equipment:

  • all microphones and tripod stand in the correct position. As a rule, in the down position with microphones pointing to the appropriate chair
  • headphones should be placed on the table under the appropriate microphone
  • chairs - placed as before the session, around the table
  • close all programs and files on the laptop where the recording was made, lower its screen
  • turn off the mixing console
  • take away garbage, pens, pencils, papers, and other personal items
  • the light is turned off by the person who leaves the studio last

In case of equipment failure

If you have any problems with any equipment, report it immediately to a Youth Home staff member! Remember that failure to report an incident is an admission of guilt.

Communications rules

We have a few simple communication rules that we ask you to consider when recording and publishing.

In the audio itself

Mention the Youth House at any point convenient for you. It can sound like this: "...in the walls of the House" / "with the support of the Youth House" / "...in the studio of the Youth House" / your version.

In publications

  • Platforms for publishing podcasts
    Add a mention: "in the studio of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House". You can change it depending on the structure of the text.
  • Social networks: posts
    Add a mention: "in the studio of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House". You can change it depending on the structure of the text.

And also the tag @theudyh.

  • Social networks: stories
    Add the tag @theudyh.
  • External communication (Telegram channels, media, etc.)
    Add a mention: "in the studio of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House". You can change it depending on the structure of the text.

Apply now!

Let us know about your idea at hello@theyouthhouse.org or click to fill in the form (in Ukrainian).