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Opportunities in the House: events and workplace

If you are here, it means that you have already managed to familiarize yourself with the values, rules and structure of the Youth House. Time to choose what you will do this time: will you host an event or work on a project?

Creators: who are they?

Creators are individuals or groups of youth representatives / organizations who share the values and rules of the House and seek to use its opportunities for the development and strengthening of youth.

They can create in a certain number of places in the space to

  • work on their projects
  • conduct activities, meetings, events
  • record podcasts
  • join Art Platform

In particular, for this, the House has a large hall with a projector and a screen, a collaboration space, rooms for small events, meetings, and workshops, a common kitchen, audio studio, and an art space.

And that's not all. The creators community is really special — it can take part in shaping the agenda of events in the House, and its representatives can join in volunteering at events in the space.

Creators: criteria

Do you want to hold an event / work at the House?

We are for! Please read the criteria carefully:

✔️ You have a completed application form for events / work and a positive reply from us by mail

✔️ The application from your project and / or organization is aimed at one (or several) of these areas:

  • strengthening and developing soft skills of youth
  • development and strengthening of youth organizations and institutions
  • civic education and youth activism
  • interaction between Ukrainian and Danish youth, with youth from other European countries
  • art as a tool of democracy and self-expression
  • development of youth institutions (councils, centers) and youth communities
  • promoting youth dialogue with the government, businesses, and other organizations

✔️ The project / event / activity must be aimed at young people or be implemented by young people (age group 14-35)

✔️ The use of the space does not involve a commercial component (only free events)

✔️ Obligation to adhere to the rules and values of the Ukrainian-Danish Youth House

Apply to conduct events, have a workplace and record podcasts

Let us know about your idea at hello@theyouthhouse.org or click to fill in the form (in Ukrainian).